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Semantic Representation of Mathematics Wiki

This is a moderated wiki with an initially restricted author group. It can be read by all the world but only those who participated in the Semantic Representation of Mathematics Workshop at the Fields Institute, February 3–5 February 2016, can edit these pages. The beginning use of the wiki is to allow feedback from workshop participants reacting to the workshop's White Paper (at Fields; at Wolfram Foundation; at IMKT) This feedback can be collected here in a convenient public way. For that purpose use the Semantic Workshop [Feedback] page. It is expected that this wiki will develop to hold reference information and discussion on the semantic representation of mathematics and related matters. The group of Users who can edit this wiki will be expanded by adding new users at their request. Requests for access should be sent to SemanticMathAdmin on this site.

Note there are also related useful materials archived at the Wolfram Foundation.

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