Glossary of Acronyms

Below is a glossary of some common acronyms occurring on mathematics web pages.

  • ANU : Australian National University
  • BUBL : Bulletin Board for Librarians, Mathematics (BUBL at Bath, UK)
  • CDE : Commission on Development and Exchange of the IMU
  • CTAN : Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
  • DTD : Document Type Declaration
  • DMV : Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung, German Mathematical Society (Berlin , Germany)
  • HEA : Higher Education Academy
  • HOL : Higher Order Logic, as in the The HOL Theorem Proving System
  • HPCC : High Performance Computing and Communications
  • HTML : Hypertext Markup Language (an SGML DTD, in fact)
  • ICHM : International Commission on the History of Mathematics
  • ICM : International Commission on Mathematical Instruction
  • ICMI : International Congress of Mathematicians
  • IT : Institute of Technology, as in Georgia Institute of Technology
  • IUP : Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • IUPUI : Indiana University – Purdue University in Indianapolis
  • LMS : London Mathematical Society
  • NCCOSC : Naval Command, Control and Ocean Surveillance Center in San Diego CA
  • NHSE : National HPCC Software Exchange
  • SFB : Sonderforschungsbereich (German = special research area)
  • SGML : Standard Generalized Markup Language
  • SMB : Society for Mathematical Biology
  • TCS : Theoretical Computer Science
  • TH : Technische Hochschule [German], as in TH Darmstadt
  • TLA : Three-Letter Acronym
  • TU : Technische Universität [German], as in TU Berlin
  • TUG : TeX User Group
  • U : University or University of, as in U Toronto or Harvard U
  • UC : University of California, as in UC Irvine, specifying the Irvine campus
  • UCSTRI : Unified Computer Science TR Index (Marc VanHeyningen’s searchable index of documents)
  • UIUC : University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • UMALCA : Unión Matemática de América Latina y el Caribe
  • Uni : Universität [German] or Université (de) [French], as in Uni Münster or Uni Strasbourg
  • WWW : World-Wide Web; also written W3

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