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Linguistic Data Resources on the Internet SIL International (Dallas TX, USA)
On-line Dictionaries collected by Robert Beard (Bucknell U)
Encyclopedia Britannica Online
The Oxford Text Archive (Oxford, UK)
Ready Reference Dictionaries in the Internet Public Library
Collection at (Paderborn, Germany)

Reference collection of Christian Falckenberg (Aachen, Germany)
Collection of Markus Neteler (Hannover, Germany)
The Human-Languages Page


The Elements of Style by William J. Strunk, Jr. (at Project Bartleby)
Free On-line Dictionary of Computing

Yahoo list of Computer and Internet Dictionaries
The New Hacker’s Dictionary [The Jargon File page ( at Chester County Interlink, PA USA)


Combined Membership List (AMS/MAA/SIAM)
World Directory of Mathematicians (IMU)
Internet whois servers
The Nobel Prize Internet Archive
ATT 800 numbers phone directory
National Address Server
Phone and addresses (Yahoo)

Mathematical Reviews Reference Resources

MR/Zentralblatt Mathematics Subject Classification MSC2000
MR/Zentralblatt Mathematics Subject Classification MSC2010 (revision in progress)
Keyword Lookup of Mathematics Subject Classification MSC2000(French interface, Grenoble),
MR Serials Names and Abbreviations: as a list [in PDF format]; [in ASCII format]
MR Institution Codes and Addresses
MR Guide for Reviewers
MR Guide for Electronic Submissions